The Business Unit Medical has been a legacy from the early days of S&T. S&T started as a full function distributor of Hewlett-Packard in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and Moldova.

In those days HP had several businesses in addition to today’s computer business. One of these businesses was the Medical Systems Business, which became part of Agilent Technologies when HP split into two companies in 1999. In 2002 Agilent sold the medical business to Philips. This trip back in time explains why S&T is a medical distributor of Philips in 6 countries.

Today S&T has a Medical Business in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia. The product portfolio varies from country to country.

In Croatia S&T only represents Cardiology and Monitoring Systems (CMS). In Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania the portfolio includes CMS and Ultrasound Systems. In Moldova and in Slovakia the full product range of Philips Medical Systems is distributed.

Almost all products are for diagnostic purposes and not for therapy. The products and systems respectively are high end products competing with the major players in the medical equipment market. Typical customers are hospitals and to a lesser extent private practitioners (i.e. medical doctors).