Install, move, add, and change (IMAC) activities are an integral part of any IT organization's asset and service management initiatives. Many organizations are under pressure to out-task elements of desktop, LAN, and infrastructure operations, and change management activities are most often bundled into these assignments.

Clients need to hire out-taskers that are investing heavily in automation, have integrated process architectures for IMAC, and provide the business with end user SLAs. These efforts will not only reduce cost but also align spending with line-of-business demands.


Initial installation and personalization of IT systems including configuration, handling, implementation into local network infrastructure, user training and final cross check.


Relocation of IT systems including functional tests, packing + logistics, handling and installation and the final set-up of the system.


Software + hardware enhancements including functional testing, checking HW+SW components, assembly and integration, installation of SW, training and documentation.


Software + hardware changes similar to Add services, including recirculation and disposal of uninstalled components, data backup and recovery.