Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

The field of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery covers the development of effective emergency and crisis management solutions that in the event of a loss occurrence or failure (e.g. natural catastrophes, terrorist or hacker attacks, viruses, IT-blackouts,…) are able to maintain important business processes or bring them back into operation as quickly as possible. It is about enabling the continuation of relevant businesses in the event of a catastrophe.
S&T supports you in both areas with comprehensive strategic and technological consultation as well as with the design and implementation of tailor-made solutions.

We are able to offer you support in surveying and analysing potential losses as well as estimating potential effects on your business processes. We are able to plan, implement and test developing solutions that will protect your processes and data in the event of a loss occurrence.

In order to plan, evaluate and test corresponding solutions as well as be in a position to offer holistic consultation, S&T set up its own competence centre in Autumn 2006 for this very field in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which supervises clients throughout the whole S&T Group.