System Management

Rapid changes in the marketplace are forcing companies to adapt their business models more rapidly than ever before. With growing market demands comes a growing need for information technology, making IT system management increasingly more important or demanding.

The increasing number of diverse demands and cost growth can only be handled by radically improving the way you manage the information infrastructure and processes. An integrated and comprehensive insight into the information system allows you to efficiently manage and optimize the information system performance as well as establish a secure, high-performance infrastructure. This infrastructure forms the basis for successful business processes and ensures high service level and responsiveness to customer needs.

S&T employs experts, skilled in providing all the business, technical and expert support in the comprehensive IT system management services you require. The field of IT system management can be divided into six areas, which can be integrated smoothly into the existing management system:
  • Security Management Solutions
  • Business Application Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Storage Management
  • Service Desk
  • IT Service Management

Our solutions are based on HP OpenView and Mercury, IBM Tivoli and BMC Software, leaders in the field of IT system management. They combine software solutions that allow a more efficient management of the entire enterprise IT infrastructure.