Application Management Services

Every SAP, i.e. Software Solution, requires support and constant ongoing development.

So that:
  • key users receive quick and expert assistance if they are stuck
  • the interfaces are regularly monitored and the specific department alerted when required
  • the users are administered
  • the system is adapted to handle new requirements at short notice and these requirements are recorded, checked and implemented in accordance with clear procedures
  • forms and evaluations are updated

Should these requests not be addressed soon enough, in the worst case the implementation of crucial business processes could be prevented and your business will suffer heavy economic losses. However, at least, your users will be dissatisfied, will not use the system properly and begin to seek alternatives.

Why should you consider Application Management Service?

Your own valuable IT or SAP experts receive more free space for the really significant elements: design, optimization and further development of your solution.
In addition, we form an experienced and reliable back-up for your team, in order to be able to quickly jump in to cover holidays, in case of illness or during other ‘bottleneck’ periods – or else we assume complete care of SAP for you. Such responses are adaptable to short term changes in conditions and in this way offer the utmost flexibility. Given that we permanently assign our teams to the clients for the long term, extensive know-how of your solution and its distinctive features is developed very rapidly. Because we provide these services primarily from remote locations to various clients, you benefit from economies of scale. Together with our sourcing strategy services, we can offer you these high quality services with very attractive conditions.

Which services do we offer in Application Management?

  • Service Desk
  • 1st Level Support
  • 2nd Level Support
  • Continuous Maintenance
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Change
  • Customer Service Management

Service Desk

Central point of contact for all inquiries/responses; has the following main responsibilities
  • Being available
  • Assigning inquiries to the appropriate experts
  • Providing up-to-date feedback about the processing status
  • Ensure that the promised time frames will be met
  • Preparation of clients’ reports

1st Level Support

Operational inquiries should ideally be resolved through key users in the specific departments. We are also happy to be of assistance for such questions as:
  • Is there a report in which I...
  • How should this value be interpreted?
  • Why is this invoice not included in this payment run?
  • How can I print off this invoice again?

2nd Level Support

Key user support for disruptions to applications, adjustment of customizing/programming when things go wrong. Also advice on difficult business scenarios.

Continuous Maintenance

Necessary maintenance work in order to keep the system up to date. For example:
  • Incorporating own developments (e.g. interface format changes)
  • User management
  • Monitoring of interfaces
  • Implementation of Support Packages

Continuous Improvement

Minor optimization and improvements in the implemented procedures. For example:
  • Generating new types of documents
  • Generating new or updating existing evaluations
  • Train new clients' personnel / key users

Continuous Change

By working together with our implementation advisors, larger projects can also be implemented (usually covered by separate contracts):
  • Upgrades (professional/technical)
  • Draw up and implement user-privilege concept
  • Draw up and implement data archiving concept
  • SAP long term development plan

Customer Service Management

Our project management team ensures that all of the above-mentioned services are provided smoothly and to full customer satisfaction.
Also responsible for:
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Arranging Change Requests
  • Optimization of service levels
  • Informative reporting/invoicing