Data Center Outsourcing

The goal of S&Ts Data Center services is to secure the maximum availability of your IT by placing your equipment in a secure environment and securing all of its care. In this way we allow you to gain control over your outlays whilst securing a 100% functional system.

The solution is a service and you do not need to invest in either hardware or software. At the same time our services are based on the ability to expand.

The most modern technologies will be used to ensure constant access to your technologies and data. As far as security is concerned, your equipment will be isolated by dedicated racks. The cabling will also be isolated and supplemental protection by caging is also available. Magnetic entry cards ensure security upon entry and a security agency is responsible for security (24/7).

In the scope of data center outsourcing of course, we take care of backing up all user data, carry out antivirus, and if needed anti-spam protection for users if you use email services.

Our customers value the fact that they limit the risk of investment into an inappropriate solution because they have not made an investment, but are using a service.