Vulnerability Management

The requirement for managed security, reducing costs, rising volume of protected assets—these all are well-known factors that create headaches for people who care. Vulnerability Management can help keep security threats targeting your assets under control. After integrating Vulnerability Management, you will be informed about new threats targeting your own assets so you can take relevant, timely countermeasures.

Basic components

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Automated checks for known vulnerabilities including manual false positives verification, network weakness identification, customised professional analysis.

  • Penetration Testing: In-depth quality analysis of implemented security mechanisms. Usually a goal-oriented project that aims to gain privileged access to your systems.

  • Patch Management: Operating system and application versioning, security patching provided in a controlled way. Always be aware of current level of installed patches; minimise security gaps.

  • Threats Monitoring: Keep track of current threats affecting your protected assets. Hundreds of reliable sources will inform you of every relevant vulnerability discovered that could affect your most critical systems.

Key advantages

  • Protect critical assets first: Respond when and where it matters most

  • Scalable, business-class protection: Protect networks of any size

  • Easy custom reporting: Get all the facts and streamline decision-making

  • Accurate vulnerability and OS identification: Keep track of patching process; Save time and resources

  • Customisable to fit customers’ needs: Deliverable as boxed solution; Outsourced by skilled security specialists

Integrate Vulnerability Management process to ensure you will promptly patch systems, eliminate weaknesses in administrative processes, find and fix security configuration errors and shield vulnerable systems.