Firewall / Виртуелна приватна мрежа (VPN)

При планирање на мрежно решение, париметрите на мрежата мора да бидат обезбедени од надворешни закани преку совршено решение -„огнен ѕид“. При изградба на дизајн на решение, мора да се земе во предвид уште едно важно прашање: во денешниот мобилен свет, како се интерконектираат сите тие телекомуникации, домашни канцеларии, далечински управувани канцеларии, екстранети и слично на безбеден начин преку небезбедна мрежа, Интернетот?

Одговорот е виртуелна приватна мрежа (VPN).

Firewall solution

Our firewall solutions are based on different basic firewall solutions (Stateful Inspection Firewall, Internal Firewall, Multicontext Firewall, Desktop Firewall, Server Firewall) but go far beyond these, aiming to cover as many security fields with as few appliances as possible using UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions.

UTMs are able to resolve all security issues and vulnerabilities such as hacker attacks, viruses, worms, unsecure access or unauthorised access, including VPN solutions for site-to-site and client-to-site access and, in addition, guarantee quality of service (QoS) combined with easy management functions.

VPN Solution

VPNs are extensions to the network by way of e.g. Remote Office. These almost always represent critical points for a network.
The solution must meet all these vulnerabilities and performance must satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Our solutions allow client-based VPN and clientless VPN, both in a version of Classic IPSec and SSL encryption methods implemented with strong authentication mechanisms.