Core Infrastructure

The network is – similar to the human central nervous system – responsible for the delivery of information and interaction in every modern IT system.

Throughout the last years the role of the Network Infrastructure even more evolved and today the network is one of the main critical parts to meet business needs such as operational excellence or adoption to new technology and business strategies.

The demand for centralized IT systems, bandwidth hungry on-demand-applications and services even increases the requirements of today's core networks. High performance and availability as well as easy maintenance and modular expand ability require a flexible network design, which can handle future additional requirements such as VoIP, time-critical business applications, Quality of Service and much more.

Therefore the design of the future core network infrastructure is the crucial factor – where S&Ts highly skilled and certified people can support and guide you.

When designing a new or upgrading an existing network, several points have to be taken into consideration such as support for IP telephony and related applications, Power over Ethernet capabilities, rapid fail over mechanisms, auto-configuration and of course quality of service (QoS). Latest technologies such as IP/MPLS take advantage of bandwidth efficiency, scalability, superior network management, and the ability to use IP to expand into new service markets.

Other benefits of IP/MPLS convergence include:

  • flexibility and economies of scale that are not possible with multiple single purpose networks;
  • reduction of operational expenditures through migration to consolidated management, monitoring, and provisioning systems;
  • decrease of network complexity as overlay network infrastructures are reduced and eliminated;

In this managed and secure environment various services such as provider specific GRX, 3rd Party applications, Internet, WLAN or Data Centre services can be delivered in the required quality/SLA. TO offer our customers best in breed solutions, S&T cooperates with the leading suppliers of networking products and networking management software such as Cisco Systems.