Business Service Management

Business Service Management (BSM) is a goal for businesses, and a promise from potential providers. A good BSM plan goes beyond the standards of typical IT management; it fuses the goals of IT and business. A Business Service Platform (BSP) is the foundation of an effective BSM solution. By employing a BSP solution, the entire business uses tools that monitor, report, and manage business services. In addition, the overall strategy includes a powerful relationship mapping data repository as the foundation of a robust and versatile cross-platform configuration management database (CMDB). Ultimately, a BSP will provide real-time monitoring of business service health and status.

IT is a set of tools designed to help organizations meet their corporate objectives and business goals. Regardless of the existing technology or applications, it is critical that services provide accurate information immediately. IT sometimes offers streamlined solutions for complex management issues by leveraging the power of technology to process large amounts of data, and transforms that data into meaningful information. Most of the time, this is not the case. In many real-world situations, IT poses new challenges for businesses. IT can slow a business's response time substantially, especially in environments that combine multiple, disparate systems under one major business activity.